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Swiss Replica Watches — This is one of the extremely rare carillon watches on the market and it’s by Bulgari. Its case has just been given a major facelift, while its musicality remains as pleasing as ever.

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The carillon is one of the rarest horological complications, especially in its ‘simple’ version, if such is the operative word for a minute repeater chiming on more than two notes! The very definition of a carillon is its ability to play a tune. The most common one is paradoxically the most complex, the Westminster chime reproducing that of Big Ben. There are several variations on this classic theme, whereas striking mechanisms such as that of the Bulgari Carillon Tourbillon are much rarer, chiming E-D-C for the quarters.

This watch first launched in 2012 was thus distinguished by its melody as well as by its appearance. Its case is a nod to the Daniel Roth collections that are instantly recognizable by their two straight-cut sides. The highly distinctive, strongly domed sapphire crystal was also marked off by two gold lines: one framing the strike governor at 10 o’clock, and the other the tourbillon at 6 o’clock, since connoisseurs will remember that this watch also features a very beautiful and generously sized tourbillon.


The Bulgari Carillon Tourbillon in its 2012 version, featuring gold lines atop of the sapphire crystal.
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In 2015, Bulgari has decided to do a complete rethink of this model’s design. The movement remains identical and still chimes as tunefully as ever. Its finishes shaped like sunbeams radiating from the tourbillon, as well as the browny-grey shade and the partial skeleton-working, are also the same. The case is definitely where the changes have been made.

Firstly, the Daniel Roth signature has disappeared from both the fake watches and its title. With a new signature appearing discreetly at 6 o’clock, Bulgari asserts itself as the only name on board, thereby taking things to the next level in terms of the integration of this brand that used to be one of its subsidiaries. Instead of dedicated cut-outs in the watch glass, the “watch face” now appears suspended from the inner bezel ring, thus providing a far clearer view of the striking gongs.


Calibre DR3300 remains unchanged in terms of both its operation and its finishes.
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The second major change is that the sapphire crystal is entirely smooth, uninterrupted and free. On the underside, the extremely straight, understated gold hour-markers and 12 o’clock Roman numerals punctuate the rim of the dial – which as such remains inexistent. Nothing thus detracts from the starring role of the movement that is majestically visible and magnificently showcases the tourbillon that is not even partially obscured by any hour-markers.  Its large curving bridge is in the foreground and very much in the spotlight.


The contemporary version of the Bulgari Carillon Tourbillon with its smooth sapphire crystal, inner bezel ring with Roman numerals and hour-markers, lugs dipping down from the bezel and a plunging view of the tourbillon.
© Bulgari

As mentioned earlier, the design work has chiefly modified the case. Its contours and its 43 mm diameter remain the same, but almost all the details have changed. The gadroons are smoother and the lugs are now anchored in the bezel, extending the curve of the cheap replica watches from the glass through to the wrist to create a seamlessly integrated effect.

The last change one must mention is as important as it is discreet. The striking lever is now better integrated in a lower position on the case middle. Formerly ribbed with a curve pointing in the opposite direction to that of the thumb, it is now smoother and more ergonomically shaped to fit the finger handling it. The end result is a Bulgari Carillon Tourbillon that is softer and more aesthetically homogenous than its predecessor. It has maintained its specific features and distinctive angles, while achieving enhanced elegance through greater simplicity.

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A side view reveals the striking lever for the minute repeater chiming on three notes for this Bulgari Carillon Tourbillon.
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