Introducing Who’s That Wearing The New Yellow 18K Gold UK AAA Replica TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph?

What We Know
Last week, Swiss fake TAG Heuer UK announced a heavy-hitting 18k gold take on the modern Carrera chronograph design. The brand says this new watch draws inspiration from two places: The Heuer 1158 CHN and the racing livery (aka race car design, for those about to Google “livery”) of the John Player Special Formula 1. The former is an iconic Heuer chrono, and personal favorite of Jack Heuer, which was presented to winning drivers. The latter is an all-black car design with distinct gold accents. This JPS should not be confused with another copy watch brand’s chronograph that has colloquially taken on that nickname.

Looking at this new 1:1 replica TAG Heuer Carrera, you will undoubtedly see similarities to the 1158CHN in the sense that they both utilize gold and feature black accents. But this super clone watch paypal darkens things, making black the dominant dial color with gold as the accent by way of the subdials.
This tri-compax (using “compax” to mean sub-registers and not complications) layout features gilded subdials at three and nine o’clock with a crosshair running seconds subdial at six o’clock with no framing around it. A date aperture with a black background replaces the bottom subdial, matching the overall black sunray finish of the dial.

In terms of sizing, what you get here are the same general proportions that you would find on any regular-production modern perfect fake TAG Heuer Carerra – a 42mm case diameter. The caseback features a sapphire window to the Calibre Heuer 02 Automatic movement adorned with a black rotor.

What We Think
This is one of those luxury super clone watches that you see and just assume has always been here. There’s nothing eye-popping about it like lab-grown diamonds, it just feels like a nice natural evolution within the current lineup, a golden riff on an existing design. And seeing as I have an infatuation with yellow gold (something I share with our Style Editor, Malaika Crawford), I’m into this design. With one caveat.

That caveat is, and always will be, the 42mm sizing. I think back to the vintage Heuer 1158CHN and its 38mm sizing and it makes perfect sense to me that this would be Jack Heuer’s favorite watch. I won’t get greedy here and say that I wish this aaa quality replica TAG Heuer was 38mm, but 40 maybe? In any event, Mr. Heuer celebrated his 90th birthday over the weekend (happy birthday, Jack!) and the brand shared a photo of him wearing this new copy watch. I have to say, it looked very cool.
This is standard fare cheap fake TAG Heuer Carrera design, and it’s my opinion that this design looks better in gold. I’ve actually seen this best replica watch in the metal, too, so I’m not just making these statements based on press imagery alone.

A few months ago, I sat down with Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler for a story for Hodinkee Magazine Volume 11
HODINKEE Magazine, Volume 11
(cue you rushing to go pick one up and read it). On his wrist was this watch and it was made abundantly clear to me that it was under embargo. Also for anyone who hasn’t figured it out yet, it’s his wrist in the mystery photo, above (revealed below).
He was actually taking part in a photo shoot for the campaign for this high quality replica TAG Heuer UK that very day. Before we got into the meat of our interview, we sat down on the couch and had a little chit-chat. He had this top super clone TAG Heuer Carerra on his wrist and then he needed to swap watches. So what happened? He took all 42mm of that wholesale copy TAG Heuer Carerra off his wrist and handed it to me…insisting that I wear it during the interview. I, of course, obliged. He had a vastly different watch presented to him next (more on that one in a moment).

I took a few beats to examine this gold TAG Heuer Carrera replica for sale in my hand and then on my wrist, checking out the dial, the case, the strap – I realize I’m just describing parts of a watch but I’m trying to place you in the moment. In any event, I got so lost in the process that I had to be reminded we were on the clock and needed to get this interview done, which I did. While wearing the Swiss movement fake TAG Heuer Carerra.

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