Best Novelty Replica Watches UK That Are Utterly Bonkers Works Of Art

Fun fact: the Swiss industry’s preferred term to use when unveiling brand new models is ‘novelties’. It amused me 20 years ago when I first heard it, and it still amuses me today when I’m being introduced to the latest AAA replica watches – you name it. But some new releases really are ‘novel’ novelty watches in the true sense of the word. Because they are somewhere between being totally bonkers, utterly far-fetched, or mind-blowing feats of watchcraftery.

While we’ll continue to chuckle at any confusion the word novelties brings to any quarters, here are novelty fake watches for sale of the highest orders that might surprise even the most jaded of horophiles.

Replica Patek Philippe Calatrava ‘1948 Nations Grand Prix’ Watches

This 10-piece limited edition based on cheap UK fake Patek Philippe‘s simple Calatrava watches features dials that capture a scene from the 1948 Nations Grand Prix, a long-forgotten race staged in Geneva from 1946 – 1950. The cars are depicted using 17 colours of ‘grand feu’ enamel against a backdrop of the city’s famous ‘jet d’eau’.

Fake Rolex Oyster Perpetual Celebration Watches

Luxury replica Rolex‘s humble Oyster Perpetual watches gets a rare moment in the limelight this year thanks to the introduction of these ‘bubblicious’ Celebration versions that combine the colours of the pink, blue, yellow, red and green lacquered dials that got collectors into a lather back in 2020. Choose from 31mm, 35mm and 41mm case sizes. And when we say choose, good luck actually getting your hands on one of these.

Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Sang Bleu Replica Watches

High quality Hublot copy watches’ third and latest collab with hipster favourite tattoo studio Sang Bleu has resulted in a case shape which can only be described as ‘unique’. Inspired by the style of tats that emerge from the needle of Sang Bleu founder Maxime Plescia-Buchi, the new model can be had in titanium, ceramic, or Hublot’s special ‘King Gold’ set with 80 diamonds.

Cartier Prive Tank Asymetrique Fake Watches

If you think the Swiss made replica Cartier Asymetrique watches looks weird today, imagine how odd it must have seemed when first unveiled in 1936. Back then it was called the Parallelograme and was only made to order for a very limited time. The design was re-introduced three years ago, with this skeleton 1:1 online super clone watches in platinum being the latest variation on the theme. An absolute stunner.

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